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Case Study - 1

Quiznos Subs

Loud was approached by the Retail Brands Group to develop marketing, advertising and public relations strategies to launch the Quiznos brand nationally.

Our approach was one that broke beyond the usual constraints of fast food marketing – selling the product as the hero - and introduced a brand ‘character’ that offered strong flexibility and longevity, but with a main thrust around the single point of true difference between Quiznos and its established competitor brands.


– Research, unique selling point identification, brand character development, marketing, advertising and public relations strategies, launch concept and management and evaluation.


– Achieved a level of awareness and store visitation beyond expected projections.

Trade levels (which overseas historically settle at around 30% of the first week’s trade) were comfortably surpassed.


My experience is that with Loud you achieve sound strategy, exciting creative, a good working relationship, absolute adherence to deadlines, but perhaps most importantly, everything they do is structured to achieve maximum outcomes and long-term applicability. In fact the vision with which they approach each task is perhaps their greatest strength.

Lisa Gilbertson, Marketing Director
Retail Brands Group