Ask yourself - “when did we do something new?” “when did we do something different?” “when did we actually do something?” – then do it, but make sure it is new, different and worth doing (IE will it improve your business?) – to find out more about how this simple tip could dramatically increase your business contact us.

Our Services

Training and Presentations

Media Training (how to get the media to work for you)
Networking (more than just working the room)
Presentation skills (the 7 simple rules to memorable presentations)
Customer Service (skills, tips and tricks)
Sales skills (how to always get a yes)
Market Research (gain an insight, not just statistics)
Business Development (the easy way)
Corporate Identity development (identities that work for you even when you’re sleeping)
Branding (brands that sell v products that don’t)
Sponsorship (how to give and to get)
Event Management (what if you gave a party and nobody came)

Our training programs are designed to be interactive, memorable and entertaining, but most importantly they are specifically designed to help participants to grow their businesses.

Great ideas - good confidence building, thank you

Toop & Toop

Changed my attitude

Aust Central Credit Union

Thought provoking and useful


Challenging, interactive content.  Well structured, highly valuable

Robert Walters

Excellent content, practical application, extremely valuable

Origin Energy

Some great insights. Wish the session lasted longer!

Adelaide University

Very good AND entertaining

Thompson Playford

Innovative, thought-provoking, stimulating”

Stegbar Pty Ltd

Opened my mind and altered my preconceptions

Lewis Confectionery

Very worthwhile – simple, basic, factual – ideal for small, medium or large businesses.

Chateau Barossa

The first marketing seminar/workshop I have attended where I felt I learnt or understood marketing!

Joinit Assemblers Pty Ltd

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