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Simple Business Development Tips

  1. Test your advertising’s true effectiveness (place a different phone or email contact in each publication and record the responses)
  2. Develop an offer (when everyone else is trying to sell, do the opposite and buy new business by providing a special offer to open the door and start the relationship)
  3. Teach your people how to network (properly) and watch sales grow
  4. Conduct research (ask all new callers where they found out about you, record and analyse the results monthly)
  5. Zag, don’t zig (review what your main competitors are doing to promote themselves, identify what would be the complete opposite… then do it)
  6. Review your marketing budget (assess how much was spent on sending messages, generating transactions and developing relationships then ask yourself – is this the way to develop my business or just spend my money)
  7. Ask yourself – “when did we do something new?” “when did we do something different?” “when did we actually do something?” – then do it, but make sure it is new, different and worth doing (IE will it improve your business?)
  8. Conduct research (phone 8 of your best customers/clients and ask them what you could do to improve your service)
  9. Read a newspaper and count the number of articles you could have provided a comment on or been featured in (then consider commissioning a media plan)
  10. Visit a competitors’ store, or website and ask 3 staff members if they would buy from this organisation (and why or why not)
  11. Enrol in a training course (but one that will provide you with the skills to gain more business)
  12. Review what you did in the last 5 days and ask yourself “how much of my time brought about a return or income?”

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