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Creative and strategic

Should creative lead your strategy or strategy lead your creative? Both are important but which comes first?

We believe ‘equal billing’ may well be the answer to this difficult question. Strategy must be practical and sound and creative must be eye catching and memorable.

That’s quite an ask, especially if you contract your creative and strategy separately. It’s also difficult to achieve if you contract more than one agency (IE advertising, marketing and pr).

At Loud we ensure the strategy is sound and the creative is memorable. We also evaluate everything we do to ensure the outcomes are achieved – after all that’s why you’re doing it … isn’t it?

How’s your strategy? How’s your creative? Do they work together and provide tangible results? If not give us a call, or drop us an email. The first meeting is complementary and we don’t charge to provide an outline of what we believe needs to be undertaken.

Loud challenges your current thinking and takes you outside your comfort zone, in order to improve and grow.

– Derek Finch, President, Aust Teleservice Association (SA)