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Case Study - 2

City SK8 – Adelaide City Council

Loud was initially invited by Adelaide City Council to assist with the securing of sponsorship income for the creation of a city based skate park, however this brief was quickly expanded to also include marketing, advertising and media exposure strategies.


– Venue functionality, brand identity development, sponsorship, marketing, advertising and public relations strategies, income generation and launch.


– Achieved 120% of sponsorship income within 6 months of the project’s intended 12-month schedule. City SK8 is now nationally recognised as a leading youth activity venue and a best practice example of local government facility development.

Loud Communications was at times a catalyst for the project and at other times the strategist behind its success.

City SK8

Initially Loud’s brief was to create a corporate identity and assist with accessing sponsorship support for the project, however, it became clear early in the process that the organisation could offer much more in terms of advertising, marketing and public relations directions.

– Jill Andrews
Team Leader, City Vitality
Adelaide City Council