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Case Study - 4

SA Waste Management Committee

The SA Waste Management Committee initially required an agency to undertake a small print advertising campaign. The success of this initial project led to an intense 6 month working relationship that saw a complete directional review, the identification of development goals and the creation of business development strategies to achieve them.


Identity branding. Marketing, advertising and public relations strategies. Market research commissioning and evaluation. Evaluation techniques development and assessment. Income stream creation. Budget and operational restructuring. Lobbying and communication strategies. Product development, feasibility and market testing. Website development, maintenance and marketing. Direct marketing campaign development and implementation. Event management, sponsorship policy creation and adherence assessment.


– The Committee held a 10th place rating as an information source on waste management and recycling via independent market research just prior to our involvement. Within 6 months of our involvement the rating climbed to 3rd.

The Committee’s website recorded a usage increase of approximately 1000%

Loud successfully re-badged the organisation (a process that had been attempted unsuccessfully on 3 previous occasions), created a series of significant potential new income streams, increased consumer and business enquiries tenfold and assisted it to achieve many of its previously unattainable business outcomes.

SA Waste Management Committee

In fact, what started as a small level of support for promotional projects became a complete reliance upon Loud’s skills and experience in most aspects of our operations.

I do not hesitate in recommending the services of this impressive and truly results focussed organisation to anyone that is serious about using the blending of PR, marketing and advertising techniques to achieve significant growth for their organisation.

– Tony Lawson, CEO
SA Waste Management Committee​