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Advertising = Messages

Here’s the first gigantic business myth we challenge – advertising doesn’t sell products.

It may spark interest but it doesn’t sell anything. In fact it can’t sell anything because questions such as price, convenience, quality, accessibility can only be answered by consumer inspection.

Thus advertising may generate interest but what happens between when the message is received and when the consumer gets to the product will dictate whether a sale occurs or not.

It’s also an extremely narrow strategy if restricted to traditional print and electronic outlets.

At Loud we replace the concept of advertising with the sending of messages (after all that is the most it can achieve). This helps to widen how we look at this important aspect of business and ensures even simple communication vehicles, like stationery materials, signage and even public presentations take on greater importance.

In other words most businesses ‘advertise’ frequently without even realising it, but do they get a reasonable return?

Our clients do because they know it is only the first step in a process not a stand-alone activity

Put simply, Loud synthesised and articulated the message we needed to convey to our market.  We now have ‘cut through’ which is helping us spread the message of not only our business but also growing the total market.

– Michael Hart MBA Bec, Managing Director, Charter Capital Finance Pty Ltd