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Marketing = Transactions

One of the biggest questions we constantly receive is “what is marketing?” and it’s a good one too. Is it materials – brochures, websites, uniforms etc or strategies .. or both?

The reality is that marketing is different in different sectors, size companies, market segments and even professions. But what it should be universally is the road that leads to a transaction.

In other words marketing should be whatever it takes to transfer an enquiry (as created by advertising or the sending of messages) into a sale.

This is step 2 of our business development process – what drives your transactions, what barriers exist and what would increase your transfer of interest into purchase?

When you view marketing from the wider stance of anything and everything that leads to a transaction it actually simplifies the process and demystifies marketing from being complex equations and processes to simple everyday, practical initiatives.

Our marketing considerations include the standard analytical assessment processes and materials but also extend into changing store locations and layouts (in fact we’ve even closed down some stores and changed retail outlets into cyber businesses), improving staff sales skills (especially for professional service related clients), repackaging products and researching market needs and demands.

Our marketing increases the number of enquiries that turn into sales!

Loud’s lateral approach and surgical marketing precision helped my business to gain a dream start in a ferociously fickle and overcrowded marketplace

– Tom Skinner, tankglobal